The Trigger Episode (2007)

"A debut in the Chandler tradition..."  Kirkus Reviews 

"The author, a veteran sitcom writer, keeps the proceedings moving along at a nice, light clip, and he obviously knows his way around a television studio and its assorted personalities. " Booklist

Hardwick, a Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist, falls from a grace, and to survive he's now part of the Hollywood paparazzi. Television star Bonnie Quinn disappears before taping her 100th episode (The Trigger Episode) and Hardwick's hired to find her. As Hardwick searches for Bonnie, he runs into old journalist girlfriend Meddy, who treats him with disdain. But a suspicious death re-teams him with Meddy and Hardwick grapples with his feelings for both women, his hope for redemption, and the solving of The Trigger Episode.