Buzz Killer (2017)

“I can say with high confidence that any fan of Castle will love Buzz Killer by Tom Straw, a masterfully entertaining mystery of pulse-pounding fun. Richard Castle has met his match!” —Andrew W. Marlowe, Creator and Executive Producer of Castle

“Tom Straw’s new novel, Buzz Killer, puts him in the company of the best mystery writers working today." — Clyde Phillips, National Bestselling Mystery author of the Jane Candiotti novels, Fall From Grace, Blindsided, and Sacrifice

New York City public defender Macie Wild takes the homicide case of a burglar the tabloids nickname the Buzz Killer for his MO of lobby-buzzing apartments to select his targets. But when he is the victim of an attempted jailhouse killing and then someone tries to kill Macie, her murder case reveals itself to be something bigger. 

Stonewalled by a hostile DA and shut down by a code of silence from the Buzz Killer’s criminal circle, she crosses paths with Gunnar Cody, an ex-detective dismissed from the NYPD’s elite surveillance unit. The brash former police spy is now a freelance video journalist trampling all over Macie’s case, shooting a documentary. In spite of her misgivings about his methods, Macie and Gunnar form an uneasy partnership fraught with moral conflicts and romantic sparks.

In constant danger from a ruthless contract killer, they collide with an unscrupulous pharmaceutical CEO, a playboy prince, rogue FBI agents, a high-tech cat burglar, a sadistic call girl, plus a scheme to launder illegal Russian billions through Manhattan luxury real estate. In an emotional climax they expose a deadly conspiracy that reaches the highest halls of power, culminating in a shocking twist that’s anything but a buzz killer.